The Basics of the Game Episode 5

  This episode is all about TV shows I am watching these days. It also has some examples of my insanity.

Basics of the Game Episode 4

Yay shownotes! Today, I talk about the game, Lords of Gossamer and Shadow. It is from Rite Publishing and is well worth talking about.    

The Basics of the Game Episode 3

  Another installment of the Basics of the Game. This time I ramble on about Assassin’s Creed 2, and the idea of having a side game to build stuff. Very rambly, but hopefully, in a...

Geek Health Update 1

  This is the first episode of me talking about my health issues, and struggles to lose weight. These will be less frequent, probably, but I feel like sharing these might help me, and maybe...

Episode 1 of the new video show.

    This is my introduction episode for this channel. I will have more content going forward, but I thought an episode that is sort of “mission statement” was in order. Check in a few...