About me

So who am I?

As you might have guessed from above, my name is Jeremiah McCoy. I was born and raised in the Tennessee Valley. I have lived in the southeast United States all my life, but I have traveled a bit. I am actually interested in moving to other places if the opportunity presents itself.

Most of my working career has been either technology-based or dealing with the public. My life has not really been a straight line. It took me a while to find a path. Along the way, I did a lot of things. I have worked in the computer game industry, as a QA Lead on Fallen Earth. I have worked in tech support for a few companies, and I have a degree in Media Production, with a concentration in Web Technology. I am currently working at a government contractor in networking, security, and IT monitoring roles.

I would love to work in the game industry again. Living in Tennessee, that usually means doing it on your own. There isn’t much of a game industry here. I have done some freelance writing of game material for Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition.

I am also a tiktok creator under the name BasicsoftheGame.

If you need to contact me, or are interested in me working on a project, please use the form below.

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