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    Fiction: When the Gods Came Pt 1

    This is the first part in a novel I have been working on. I am sure it will go through rewrites and revisions but I am posting some of it here. This is the story of how my post apocalyptic setting came to be.  I am trying to be more comfortable about sharing my fiction. That is easier said than done. The story is told in an epistolary version.  It just seemed to be the right way to go.  I am comfortable writing that way. That may have to do with writing a bunch of game text.  I will post the second part next month.

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    Fiction: Vasilisa the Beautiful and Baba Yaga’s Light

    This is a short tale I wrote as a writing  project a while back. It is a retelling of an old Russian folk tale. It is interesting to take and old story and reframe it. I did some further polishing before posting it.  I hope people like it.     Come closer, says I.  It is time to tell the story of Vasilisa, the Beautiful, and of her terrible light.  It is time to tell of her journey and troubles, of the old crone, Baba Yaga.  I will not bite, my children.  Not yet, at least. This is time for a story.  There is time enough for you to land…

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    fiction post I kill Ninjas

    “So, Miss, I must say you interview quite well,” the man said, with the pleasantries already forming in in his head. There was nothing wrong with the woman. She was efficient, the executive supposed. She had a bachelors degree, and a little experience. All in all, she was a fine candidate.   She looked back at him with a pleasant expression.. Her glasses, hair, and clothes, for all the world, put him in the mind of a librarian. Her brown hair was pulled up in a bun, with loose hair or two escaping. It made her seem all the more pretty. The dress she wore was simple, and the white…