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More Comics Shows Round Up

So, Gotham….This was the episode I was waiting for since the beginning of this series. Seriously, this was why you set a show in Gotham. Not for Batman, or the Joker, or all the freaks. You set a story in Gotham because it is a crucible that makes those kind of people. You make a show like this to see people like Matches Malone, and how they make the world around them, and are made by the world in turn. Also, my world was lacking in enough Lori Petty. She is amazing in this. In the bar scene and the music playing, they played scenes of Jerome on the wall behind her. I do find it fascinating they are exploring lots of different aspects of Joker though lots of different characters.

The Agents of Shield have gone on a full on X-Men riff. Seriously, take pretty much all the X-Men movie themes, mix them in a pot, and now you have the latest episode of Agents of Shield. I swear, if one of the characters into a dark space god, with the power to destroy stars, I am gonna cut someone.

Lucifer was a step back in quality this week. Not bad, but not as good as the previous. The overarching devil story is not getting the attention Lucifer would like say it needed. The human story is super predictable.
Catching up with Supergirl, this show is constantly on the edge of being more than it is. It is a solid show and has a good emotional heart. The writing is just not that interesting. I want it to be really good storytelling to match that good emotional heart. Maybe I am just letting my expectations bother me. It is an enjoyable show, just not my favorite. I am working my way current, but I am couple of episodes behind. I am super excited about the coming cross over with flash.

As to Daredevil, I will be posting about it separately. That will take me a bit to work through and probably deserves a separate post.

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