The Many Settings of Dungeons and Dragons part 1

This idea started as a twitter thread. I started listing the various settings of D&D. That was both useful and a reminder of the limits of Twitter.  What I ran into was the limited character...

The many names of spells and how to change them.

In D&D, spells have names. This is based on some fiction and some legendary sources so it didn’t start with D&D. The notion of names having power is actually pretty old. The concept appears in...

The Basics of the Game Why I Love Superheroes

  Another quick vlog talking about something I love, superheroes. My Twitch My Patreon My Blog

The Basics of the Game Why I Love Callisto 6

  Another quick late night vlog talking about what I love to counteract the bad stuff in my head. Tonight I am talking about #Callisto 6. My Twitch My Patreon My Blog...

The Basics of the Game Why I love Midgard

  First in a new series where I talk about things I love. Starting out with the Midgard Setting by Kobold Press.