I am a gamer.  That carries a different connotation depending on who you are talking to. To some that means you play video games. To others, it is a statement of your love for tabletop games.  Both of these could apply to me.

I first played Dungeons and Dragons when I was 9. My mom bought me a set because she was tired of me getting into her set. From there I was off to the races.  I have played D&D, and games like it, ever since.  My first computer game was around the same era, and again, I kept playing even today. I even worked in that industry for a time.

As is often the case, my interest in gaming also lead to an interest in making things for those games. I would make my own dungeons for D&D, and later, write my own rules to make the game more to my liking. That lead to more and more writing. These days I write for games, and occasionally share it with others.  Selling that work is actually a goal, but I will be posting free stuff here as well.