Notes on the Mars game

Key goal is long term survivable colonies on Mars.  This is accomplished mainly through careful planning, deals, and certain amount of luck. No single colony by itself should be able to survive on its own for quite a while.

Key resource to collect and spend
You start with a set amount
You acquire it through mining and trade
you spend it on colonists
You can spend it on food
You can trade it.
Can be depleted or reduced by events.
Made with water usage
Spent on colonists
Can be traded
Can be depleted or reduced by events.
Are acquired from Sponsors
Each colony starts with the same amount.
The key unit of action, and success.
The provide industry points, to make Facilities.
Make trade good goods.
They require water and food.
The rate you lose colonists per turn.
The rate can increase by Events.
The rate can decrease by making some facilities
The rate increases if there is not enough water or food.
Facilities can be purchased from Sponsors on earth, with trade goods.
Facilities can be made by Colonists
Facilities have traits that are described on the facility.  These traits can effect attrition, events, and production, among other things.
Events happen every turn.
Events can have effects that last more than one turn
Events can effect more than one colony.
Events can effect Sponsors.
Sponsors are Earth bound entities that provide aid to the colonies.
Only one sponsor per colony
Provides Colonists and Facilities for Trade Goods.
Provide initial resources.
May provide other benefits.
Still to do
Numbers(how much of what and how often)
Turn cycle
List of Sponsors
List of Events
List of Facilities
End Game
This is a rough picture of where I am at on the project.  I am of course looking for feedback.
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