You Are Still Awesome

  This is another affirmation episode. I spend a few minutes telling you nice things about you. Everyone needs a time where they are told good things.

The Basics of the Game Late Night Ramble 84

  Tonight’s Ramble was about the stupid, squalid, violent, and flat out evil reactions people have had towards critics/activist/other people offering critique of the things you love. Unacceptable behavior seems to be entirely too common...

The Basics of the Game Episode 18 Crowdfunding roundup

  It is time for another crowdfunding roundup. I share a few of the crowdfunding gaming items I think are nifty.–A-World-of-Adventure-for-Fate-Core

The Basics of the Game Late Night Ramble 83

  Tonight’s Ramble is about Dark Dungeons, Zombie Orpheus, and other online video series. Luke Banderloft