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Comic Book show weekly round up.

Lucifer was a solid episode.  The story around the divine elements were the focus and the murder mystery was the background mystery this time. I sort of saw through the overall plot in last episode, but the execution was well done, so I don’t mind the telegraphing.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D are back. It was a solid if not a really inspired episode. I would like it to shake things up and make interesting choices. Instead, it seems to be drifting on the formula it has.  Not a bad formula, but I am not as excited by it.

Gotham was okay.  Didn’t blow me away, and it had some nice bits, but it did feel like some wasted opportunities.Hugo Strange is shaping up nicely into a scenery-chewing bad guy. It is nice seeing Bruce getting an edge to him, but he is still a bit off.
Legends of Tomorrow was one of the best episodes they have had.  It felt a lot tighter. The 50’s was an interesting choice, because it is the first time where they were showing not only people dressing differently, but actually living in a different world view. They dealt with some of the suckier parts of going back in our country’s past, but not just doing a morality play. They were complications and realities of the era the story is set in, but the story wasn’t about those problems.

I need to catch up on my Surpergirl. I am a few weeks behind on that one.

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