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    Weekly Comics Show Round up

    It is that time again. Time for another round-up of comic book shows..   Let’s start with Gotham.  It still feels like the show is rushing along too fast. We have full on supervillains all over the place. The Riddler is exposed, complete with his signature question mark, and promptly arrested.  He may not be sporting the outfit, but his basic motif is there. Same with the Penguin, who goes back to his villainous ways. Dinner with Cobblepot is the reality show no one is asking for. If anything, he is more brutal than ever. This would be great if Batman existed yet, but at this point it all feels…

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    More Superhero Round up, guest staring Daredevil

    It has been a few weeks since I last did one of these, so I may run a bit longer than some of my previous round ups. Why so long between postings? Well, Daredevil dropped, and Batman V Superman, plus I had some health issues. It was hard to keep up. Also, I didn’t want to talk about Daredevil till I watched the whole run.     Let’s start with the ones I watch all the time.  

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    Comic Book show weekly round up.

    Lucifer was a solid episode.  The story around the divine elements were the focus and the murder mystery was the background mystery this time. I sort of saw through the overall plot in last episode, but the execution was well done, so I don’t mind the telegraphing. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D are back. It was a solid if not a really inspired episode. I would like it to shake things up and make interesting choices. Instead, it seems to be drifting on the formula it has.  Not a bad formula, but I am not as excited by it. Gotham was okay.  Didn’t blow me away, and it had some nice bits,…