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New Spells for new Spell Books

So, first let me welcome you to my new..ish blog address. I moved everything over to because I felt like that was a good way to consolidate my online presence. I owned the rights to the domain but had not been using it as much as I should. I also have more control over the site than the one on the free WordPress hosting. I will be doing all my future blog postings here, and I have moved all my past content here, as well. I hope you like the new digs.


That bit of business out of the way, let me show you some of what I have been working on of late. I talked a lot about spell books on my blog and different ways to handle them in your game. I figured if I was going to be talking about spell books, I should also write some spells to go in those books. Here are a few spells inspired by those books from previous posts. These are works in progress, and when I eventually publish my pdf on spell books, I may revise these. I am definitely looking for feedback. I should add the proviso, these are designed with the notion that learning new spells is not quite as easy as is presented in the 5th edition players handbook. These are meant to be rare or uncommon spells and might be a substitute for other rare or uncommon spells found in the world.

Minor Favor

“Accepting favors from Fey is often a tricky business. It can be done, for a cost, but never thank them for their trouble, or more trouble you will have.” Balthazar of the True Library

1st-level enchantment

Casting Time:        1 action

Range:        30 feet

Components:        V, S, M (Piece of art worth 50 gp’s which is not so much consumed, as taken by the Fey)

Duration:        Concentration, up to 1 minute

You may grant up to three targets advantage for up to three tests. Three people can have advantage on a single test, or one person can have three tests with advantage, or some equivalent sharing of the enchantment.

At Higher Levels: When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 2nd level or higher, you can target one additional creature and and one additional test with advantage for each slot level above 1st. The cost of material goes up by 50gp for each addition.


Yarrow’s Calling

“Call on Yarrow, or by the Yarrow. A path will be shown, but do not trust not all that the Yarrow leads you to. Yarrow has her own council. Know this and by ancient compacts you will seek true things.” Balthazar of the True Library

2nd-level divination

Casting Time:        10 minutes

Range:        10 miles

Components:        V, S, M (A fresh Yarrow flower, the name of the one you seek)

Duration:        Concentration, up to 10 minutes

This spell calls upon rules found in the Feywild, tapping the power of the fey to find a target. When the spell is cast the Yarrow thrown in the air and it will gently float in the direction of the one you name, no matter the direction of the wind.  It does not indicate distance, but the flower will float in the correct direction as long as the spell is maintained. If the target is not in the area of effect, it will float in the right direction then fall. If they leave the area the flower will fall, and the spell will end.

The target of the spell will smell the scent of Yarrow flowers. If the target is familiar with fey, or are fey, they may perform an Arcana check. If they succeed, the target knows this spell is being used to track them.  They will have no other details from this knowledge, but they can use other means to acquire more information. This spell does not work on the dead, or inanimate objects. The DM may allow it to work on named magical items.


Fey Rest

“Rest only when you care not how long. Eat nothing save what you bring with you. Accept no gifts and thank no one. By this path you may return.” Balthazar of the True Library

2nd-level Enchantment (Ritual)

Casting Time:    10 minutes    

Range:       10 ft

Components:       V, S, M ( Piece of art worth 200 gp’s which is not so much consumed, as taken by the Fey)

Duration:  12 hours or till used

This spell allows the use of the Feywild’s odd relationship with time to influence how long you rest. The caster brings the location enchanted slightly into the Feywild. The time passed there is out of synch with the rest of the world. Attempts to perceive the people in the area are at a disadvantage. The time people take to gain a long rest are affected by the area’s relationship with time. All the people resting in the area share the same time frame.

After casting, roll a 1d20.

1-2 The resting time is doubled.

3-4 The resting time is unchanged.

5-15 The resting time is reduced by half

16-19 The resting time is reduced to 10 minutes

20 The resting time is instantaneous

The next day, however, the people who benefited from the enchantment are at a disadvantage to the first test they have against a fey type creature.


Entreaty of Noble Mien

“A Lord’s word may always be trusted. Their intent, however, is always untrustworthy. This is as true among men as it is among the Fey.” Balthazar of the True Library

5th-level divination (ritual)

Casting Time: 1 minute

Range: Self

Components: V, S, M (A piece of malachite worth 200 gp, the name of target fae lord or lady written in the casters blood )

Duration: 10 minutes or till the question is answered


The caster calls upon a fey lady or lord by name. This does not require a truename, but their proper title. If you do not know the formal title, the spell fails. After casting the spell the attention of that fey power is acquired.  By ancient tradition, they will answer any one question truthfully, though they are free to interpret that truth. For instance, a great lady of the Fey might tell you that the treasure the caster seeks is beyond a door, but neglect to mention that touching the door summons a dragon. The question is not required to have a yes or no answer.

Multiple casting in a day do not work. Attempting it will fail but still destroy the components. Using this spell can earn the enmity of the Fey called on.


Greater compact

“To befriend a Fey is rare. To love a Fey is a beautiful disaster. To serve a Fey is to know humility. Forget any of these and you will lose more than you can conceive, much less afford. Still, there are laws every Lord or Lady must follow.” Balthazar of the True Library

9th-level conjuration

Casting Time: 1 Minute

Range: Self

Components: V, S, Special

Duration: Instantaneous


This spell summons a Fey Lord or Lady and compels a single service from them. These beings border on being gods, so that service can effectively be anything. The basic effect allows you to request the casting of any lower level spell without the associated costly components or even being the correct sort of caster. There are other possible effects consistent with limits of a Wish spell, however, this is being carried out by Fey Lady or Lord. They will have their own, often hostile, interpretation of the wish. One should be precise in the wording or end up with an unintended and unpleasant result.  If the request is beyond the scope of the spell (destroy all orcs, make me a god) then the spell fails, but the cost is still owed.


Special Component Cost: One year of service to that Lord or Lady. This is not avoidable, even by death, and grants them irresistible command of the caster for one year. That year can be in their realm, which, sadly, the laws of time do not hold sway. A year there could be 5 minutes in the prime material plane or 1000 years. The year can be served in any plan the fey wish.  


Protection From Celestial

“Understanding is shield enough to begin our mission. Wisdom is sword enough to fight the lying gods.” Unknown from The Codex Potentia

1st-level abjuration

Casting Time:        1 action

Range:        Touch

Components:        V, S, M (crushed gemstones costing 50gp. The dust is consumed in the casting.)

Duration: Concentration, up to 10 minutes

Until the spell ends, one willing creature you touch is protected against Celestials.

The protection grants several benefits. Celestials have disadvantage on attack rolls against the target. The target also can’t be charmed, frightened, or possessed by them. If the target is already charmed, frightened, or possessed by a Celestial, the target has advantage on any new saving throw against the relevant effect.


Block the Divine

“Sometimes, wisdom is best shown through example.” Unknown from The Codex Potentia

3rd-level abjuration

Casting Time:        1 action

Range:        60ft

Components:        V, S, M (A gold ring worth 50 gold on the caster, which is destroyed as the spell is cast)

Duration: An Hour

The target must make a wisdom save or be unable access Channel Divinity, and Divine related special features of a Class for the duration of the Spell.  Prepared spells will still function normally. The spell also ends any divine enchantments on or maintained by the target.


Profane, Minor

“Sacred is a harmful illusion. There is will, there is power, and there is knowledge. All else is a lie to weaken your resolve.” Unknown from The Codex Potentia

4th-level evocation

Casting Time:        24 hours

Range:        Touch

Components:        V, S, M (pieces of Amethyst equal to 1,000 gp, which the spell uses as an anchor)

Duration: Until dispelled or the Amethyst is broken.

The spell absorbs any divine power, holy or unholy, from the Amethyst and expanding out 60 ft. Divine spellcasters (clerics, paladins or any other specified as using divine magic) who enter the area must make a Wisdom saving throw or be unable to cast, maintain, or regain divine spells. The effects pass as they leave the area. It cannot be dispelled by divine spells or celestials.


Profane, Greater

“All that which is would be held as holy must be abolished. All those who wish otherwise are fools and should face a fool’s cost.” Unknown from The Codex Potentia

6th-level evocation

Casting Time:        24 hours

Range:        Touch

Components:        V, S, M (pieces of Amethyst equal to 5,000 gp, which the spell uses as an anchor)

Duration: Until dispelled or the Amethyst is broken

The same as Minor profane, though the radius is now 120 ft.  There is an added effect. If the target entering the area is a Divine Caster or a Celestial they takes 10d6 radiant damage on the failed save, or half as much damage on a successful Wisdom save.


Absorb the Divine

“Divinity is just another form of power. With the correct knowledge, even gods are subject to a superior mind.” Unknown from The Codex Potentia

9th-level enchantment

Casting Time:1 action

Range:        30ft

Components: V, S, M (the name of the target etched into Amethyst kept on the caster’s person)

Duration: Until dispelled or the Amethyst involved in the casting is destroyed.

This dread spell removes all connection to the Divine from the target. They lose all divine spellcasting ability, and all channel divinity abilities they may have had.  It is absorbed by the caster granting them power. The caster gains the Channel Divinity ability that the target had. If none was had, then they gain health equal to half the damage done by the spell. The spell does 10d6 damage to the target and double damage to beings classified as a Celestial. If the Celestial is killed by the spell, it is utterly destroyed and can never be brought back. If Dispel Magic is cast to destroy the enchantment, it must be cast as a 9th level spell.



“You will know the world I have known, with all the incomprehensible geometries that were never shown to your infantile mind.” Delus Moran

1st-level Necromancy

Casting Time:    1 action    

Range:       60ft

Components:   V, S    

Duration:     Concentration up to 1 minute

The target of the spell becomes destabilized in the prime material plane. Movement speed is halved and they are at a disadvantage on saves. The caster suffers the same effects as the targets.

Remove Curse will alleviate this effect.

At Higher Levels: If this spell is cast using a spell slot of 2nd or higher, you may add an extra target to the spell. For each slot higher adds an additional target. Example: If cast as an 8th level spell, it could be used against 8 targets.


Sight of Madness

“That which has been seen, cannot be unseen. That which was heard is heard always.” Delus Moran

2nd-level Divination (ritual)

Casting Time:        1 action

Range:       Self

Components: V, S      

Duration:     1 hour

The veil is thin for the caster. They can see across multiple planes at once. They have a can to see any unseen etheric entities, such as ghosts or being on the astral plane. The caster also gains advantage to detect invisible opponents. This spell also allows the caster to detect magic, though it does allow identification of magic items. The caster also can detect any aberration, celestial, elemental, fey, fiend, or undead within 30 feet of them.

The caster hears a constant and disturbing voice speaking throughout the duration of the spell. The voice and the strain of the spell always causes an unfortunate side effects

Roll a 1d6

  1.       Berserk, The caster becomes completely insensible and violent for an hour. They are incapable of coherent communication. They cannot use spells, activate magic effects, or abilities. They can make basic attacks with any weapon at hand, and against whoever is the nearest living thing. This affliction lasts an hour or till knocked unconscious.
  2.       Blindness, The caster is struck with hysterical blindness. They cannot see or perceive anything visually. Standard effects apply. This affliction lasts an hour.
  3.       Deafness, caster is incapable of hearing anything other than the gibbering mad voices from beyond. What is more, they begin screaming, and are incapable of stealth.This affliction lasts and hour.
  4.       Self Harm, the caster is compelled to harm themselves. They will do so with what ever is at hand. They will continue to harm themselves till they are restrained for an hour, or untill they fall unconscious. Mechanically, they attack themselves with automatic critical hits. They still make death saves normally.
  5.       Writing, They immediately begin writing, If they do not have a pen and paper, they will write in their own blood on any surface available. This will continue, no matter the danger around them for an hour. The text written will be indecipherable to anyone else, and even the writer will consider it gibberish, though it does seem familiar and important.
  6.       Illness, the caster becomes violently ill. They are at a disadvantage for the next hour to ALL tests.


All the side effects can be alleviated by a Remove Curse. Doing so will not end the effect of the spell.


Edge of the Nothing

“There are ways to bring our foul and imperfect plane closer to blasphemous eldritch elder truths. If you are not careful, if you are weak, or simply seek oblivion, you may cross that winding path.” Delus Moran

5th-level Conjuration

Casting Time: 1 action        

Range:       60ft

Components:       V, S, M (the blood of a sentient being mixed with a pound of living worms)

Duration: 10 minutes or concentration

An area 60ft across is commingled with an outer plane.Those in the area take 4d6 damage per turn, save for half.  The damage is caused by miniscule portions of their body no longer being on the same plane as the rest of the body. If they fail their save, they are also unable to go any other direction than towards the center of the affected area. They can retry the strength save every turn. When the spell ends, anyone in the area must make a wisdom save, or be transported to an outer plane. They must find their own way out of the plane.

To cast this spell, the caster must be in the affected area. Upon casting, they must pass a wisdom save. if they fail, the spell’s effect is not sustained, but instantaneous. They are pulled out of the world completely.

If the caster is incapacitated, loses concentration or is removed from the range of the spell it ends without the chance to drag people in the affected area to another plane.


A Beacon to the Obscene

“This world is small scab upon the skin of the cosmos. Things older than time wish to see that scab scratched clean. I will show them the way. I will call them to that unholy purpose.” Delus Moran

6th-level Conjuration (ritual)

Casting Time:  1 action      

Range:     Touch  

Components:       V, S, M ( a specially prepared lamp costing 500 gold, the blood of an innocent sacrificed by the caster)

Duration: Till the lamp is destroyed or the spell is dispelled

The caster places the lamp as a beacon. This beacon shines for those outside the material plane, drawing terrible things to the world. The beacon also weakens the barrier between worlds in area 120ft across. Every minute a creature from the list below is summoned into that area. Even destroying the enchantment will not banish the creature, though it will stop future summonings. These creatures beings are all considered hostile when they first appear.  

Roll a d10 to determine what appears

  1. Aboleth
  2. Chuu
  3. Cloaker
  4. Gibering Mouther
  5. Glabrezu
  6. Hell Hound
  7. Otyugh
  8. Quasit
  9. Rakshasa
  10. Vrock

Note: Due to the material component, casting this spell is inherently evil.


That is what I have so far. I hope you like them and maybe can use them in your own game. Let me know what you think.

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