Tome Show appearances

I have appeared on podcasts of my own and others since 2005.  I have recently been on the Tome Show quite a bit and I have been bad about not resharing it.  Here are a few recent appearances.

Along with Jeff Greiner and Tracy Hurly, the usual hosts, I am also on with fellow guests Rabbit Stoddard, and Quinn Murphy. We talked about the Midgard Heroes Handbook. This wass one of the books from the Midgard kickstarter. This was the one with all the player options.

In this one I am in with the usual suspects of Jeff and Tracy. I am also on with Ishmael Alvarez and Allison Rossi. In this one we talk about D&D Beyond, the digital tool set for D&D.

In this one we are again working with Tracy and Jeff.  I am also joining Louis Brenton, a good guy I used to appear on Appendix N with. We discussed the Warlock patreon backed Midgard 5e zine.


I also produce a show for the Tome Show feed called the Monstrous Ecologist.  In that, I am reviewing real world inspirations for monsters and their iterations through the editions of D&D. I have been a bit slack of late but I will give you a preview. The next one is a first part in a discussion of Liches.

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